Sales Masters Guild Mentor, James Davey, takes a look at the types of people attend Entrepreneurs Training Days.

Many people dream of starting their own business. Many site dissatisfaction with their work life, a desire to get paid what they are worth, gaining control over their lives and having the ability to spend more time with the people that really matter to them as the main reasons for wanting to go it alone.

But, is everybody suitable to run their own business? The simple answer to this is ‘No’. But, if you are one of those people who think it’s for them, then perhaps you should consider taking part in some Entrepreneur training.

What is Entrepreneur Training?

Entrepreneur training is one way that you can improve your chances of succeeding as a business owner. My one-day course will help you to see your business life with fresh eyes. We look at the mindset required to be successful together with our blueprint of a business that works. Here’s a brief outline of the blueprint:

  1. Definitive Purpose – Unless you have a definitive purpose to what you are doing, you will not have the motivation to keep going when the going gets tough. Knowing why you are doing it and where you are going to will help keep you focused.
  2. Unique Value Proposition – If you are going to be successful selling, you need to know what it is that makes you and your business stand out from the crowd. Nailing your value proposition gives clarity and makes sales and marketing so much easier.
  3. Your Brand – What do you and your business stand for? Is this reflected in your business culture? Do your staff, premises and processes support it? Finally, does your visual image fit with your brand?
  4. Marketing – I always think of marketing as the means that you communicate your promise to your customers. Marketing requires consistency and focus and needs to be planned carefully. Done properly, your marketing should provide you with a steady stream of prospects.
  5. Sales – If marketing produces prospects, sales is the art of converting those prospects into profitable work. Using our five-step sales process will make the job easier.
  6. Systems – People don’t run businesses, systems do. People create and operate the systems. The more you can create systems, the more of the day to day work can be delegated to others or mechanised to give you more time to do what you do best.
  7. Operations – Operations is about how you deliver on your promises. If your delivery doesn’t match your promise, you will have unhappy customers.
  8. People – If you want to grow your business, you will have to get a team around you to help you. With the right leadership and knowing how to get the best out of your people will define how successful you are.
  9. Finances – Money is the oil that keeps your engine running smoothly. You have to have enough to start with, and then you need to manage it properly, so it keeps flowing enabling you to invest in the future of the business.

Who attends Entrepreneur Training and is it for you?

Entrepreneur Training is three types of people:

  1. Start-ups and early stage businesses that are looking to get it right first time. Having a proven business model helps you structure your enterprise ‘right first time’ without having to make all the same mistakes that everybody else has made in the past.
  2. More experienced business owners who have been established for a number of years, but feel that they have not progressed as far as they think they should have. It’s not uncommon for businesses to ‘plateau’. All they need is a little fresh energy and focus to get them moving again.
  3. Business owners at any stage of development who are making good progress but just want to grow faster.

What’s In It For You?

People attending my one-day Entrepreneurs Training Day will experience a workshop packed with tried and tested content that will give them a fresh perspective on their business. During the day, they will:

  1. See the complete ‘Blueprint for Success’
  2. Go away with a ‘One Page Business Plan’ to act as an outline plan for the future of their business.
  3. Get the opportunity to discuss their current business challenge with an experienced business mentor
  4. Understand the importance of accountability if they are to achieve their business and personal objectives
  5. Build their motivation to take charge of their destiny and chart a new way forward.

I hope this has given you some insight into my Entrepreneur Training Days, what to expect on the day and who this training is suitable for. In the final analysis, the success or otherwise of your business is down to you and the decisions you make. There are many sources of help available for those who want to develop their businesses from books, on-line training, public workshops seminars and one-to-one support. My advice to you is to have a good look around at what’s available and try whatever feels right for you. Above all, take positive action or you will continue to get the same results.


Think you should attend Entrepreneurs Training? Head over to my Open Workshops page to find out when I am holding my next Entrepreneurs Training Days, and book yourself into one that's convenient to you. Alternatively, contact me to discuss the training and the benefits you will get from the day.

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