Entrepreneurs Training Day

An Absolute Game Changing Day 

How to finally get the results you want, from your business life 

  • Learn how to gain 'Absolute Clarity' of what to do next
  • Discover the Entrepreneur formula for creating a high-income lifestyle business
  • Understand how to form a value proposition that really does attract hungry buyers
  • Learn how to make more Sales & dramatically increase your net income

The unfortunate truth is that most people in business are working harder than they ever have, for smaller and smaller returns on their time and efforts. But it doesn't have to be that way...

YOU can turn it all around is as little as 90 Days... 

The 'Entrepreneur Training Day' is a powerful and fast paced day in which we focus ON YOU and YOUR business; a day in which you'll work closely with a highly experianced business mentor whose sole purpose is to help you to see your business with completely fresh eyes. We'll show you how to re-calibrate your business so that it is fit for purpose and teach you strategies & tactics that, if implimented, will quickly increase your sales revenues, personal income and give you a better work-life balance.


  • How to lock-in and maintain a strong outcome driven mindset
  • How to develop a Value Proposition that is truly a customer magnet
  • How to develop a target driven marketing strategy that works
  • A simple 5-step sales strategy for converting conversations into business
  • A client management strategy that produces additional sales

We guarantee you will walk away with a completely fresh & inspired view of your business or your money back...

All delegates will also receive a FREE Success Analysis and 30-minute 1-2-1 telephone coaching session following attendance

Whatever you want from your business, if you're not getting it and you want 2020 to be different, join us for this one day Entrepreneurs Training Day delivered by Business Growth experts James Davey, author of 'Six Steps to Business Success'

Price - £150 + vat

Includes buffet lunch and refreshments

Spaces are limited so Book Your Place Today